Pharmacy Services

24-Hour Emergency Service

Call us at (252)-787-5990 to reach a pharmacist on call after our normal business hours.

Birth Control Assessment and Treatment

  • Whether you are looking to begin hormonal birth control or need to switch your oral birth control, we can help you with no physical examination. No doctor’s visits are needed!
  • We will go through a health history exam and ask what your specific needs are to find what is the best fit for you. We can help you find the best and most affordable birth control option.
  • Give us a call at (252)-787-5990 and we will send you the necessary documents to fill out prior to your appointment.

COVID-19 Test Proof for Travel

Our Registered Nurse or Pharmacist can test you for Covid-19 for travel needs.

Simple Compounding Services

Delivery Service

  • If you are unable to come into the store to pick up your prescriptions, we offer a delivery service to your home or business. The flat delivery fee is $3.00. 
  • You can also park in our 15 minute parking spaces at the back of our store and we will happily bring out your prescriptions to you! Give us a call to let us know you are here!

Durable Medical Equipment

  • Here at Pharmville Drug, we offer an extensive variety of durable medical equipment. Let our staff help you find the best quality equipment!

Ear Piercing

Our pharmacy has a dedicated area for all types of ear piercings. Our pharmacists are thoroughly trained to ensure quality care for the best results. Come see us to get your ears pierced! Walk-ins are welcome.

The cost is $60.

Handicapped Accessible

Pharmville Drug is accessible to each individual. We are committed to taking the best care of our patients and have experienced pharmacists to help assist you in any needs. 


We offer a variety of safe and affordable vaccines including Flu, Pneumonia, Covid-19, Shingles, T-DAP, and RSV. Call for availability. We also do clinics throughout Pitt County and surrounding areas. If you are not able to come see us, we can come to your home and give you your vaccines.  

Medicare Part D Consultations

  • Turning 65? We can help find a Medicare Part D plan for you!
  • Each year starting October 15th there are new Medicare Part D plans available. Even if you are happy with your current plan, we recommend you review your current plan each year.
  • Anyone who is eligible for Medicare can enroll in a Medicare Part D plan. This includes those who are 65 and older, as well as those under 65 with certain disabilities.
  • We are here to help you find the best plan with the most savings!

Medication Synchronization

  • DID YOU KNOW? Medication Synchronization allows you to have fewer visits to the pharmacy! This works by filling your prescriptions on the same day each month. 
  • Our staff will call you in advance of your prescription being due for a refill to confirm the medications you need filled. Once you confirm we will call your doctor for refills if needed and we take care of the rest!

Multi-Dose Compliance Packaging

  • Let Pharmville Drug help make your life easier with our Multi-Dose Packaging. You will never have to worry about missing a pill, filling a pill planner, or opening a pill bottle again because you can take your medicine anywhere you go!
  • With easy to take and easy to open packaging, you will never forget to take your medications.

Long-Acting Injectable Administration

  • Long Acting Injectables are administered by our Registered Pharmacists or our Registered Nurse. We offer injections for Vitamin B12, Testosterone, and more… 

Registered Nurse On Site

We have a Registered Nurse on site to help you with any nursing needs or questions that may arise!

Prescription Refills/Reminders

If you happen to miss your prescription refill on your maintenance medications, we will call you to ask if you want it filled. Life can get busy and sometimes we forget, so that’s what we are here for!